something that provides cover or protection • a refuge; a haven • the state of being covered or protected

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Your new s h e l t e r  structure will be dynamic, alive. It will respond to the season, time of day, and light.

s h e l t e r  is a project of Living Roofs, Inc., a leading green roof design and installation company. s h e l t e r  is a response to the overwhelming requests for affordable and design-conscious small-scale green roof structures. We love green roofs and the many benefits they provide; yet access to them for the homeowner, artist, young builder, gardener, and green roof enthusiast is limited. This is where we come in. Using our extensive experience in green roof design and installation we teamed up with W2 Architects to develop plans for green roof sheds that you (or your carpenter friend who owes you a favor) build. This dramatically reduces the cost of shipping materials, hiring a builder, and paying someone else's overhead. You can buy the plans and build your shed now or you can wait until later, when you are ready. The plans have a very long shelf life and we like to the think the designs are timeless.

We clearly describe all the materials you need, and most are available at your local hardware store. We've also listed suppliers for the green roof components. During the design process we paid careful attention to simplicity, affordability, and quality of the materials. We believe that good design need not be expensive, and you'll find this is the case with your new

s h e l t e r  green roof shed. Construction is simple.

Use your s h e l t e r  to garden, think, relax, live, laugh, eat, store, create, work, play, hide, or . . . 

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